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Established in 2005, we have evolved to provide those looking to purchase a home lift an opportunity to compare lifts, saving on the purchase price.

We are one of the few, if not the only website to offer a Guide Price. Should you wish to purchase a residential lift you will have the reassurance that the partners we work with are reputable and trust worthy.

We conduct independent audits on our partners to ensure a high quality and best-in-class service is adhered to.


We have supplied over 53,000 comparison prices to our customers since 2005.

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A recommendation is the best form of endorsement.

That’s why we ask past customers if they would recommend the companies we work with. You can “Buy with Confidence” knowing we only partner with companies which are highly recommended.

Our current overall recommendation score is 90% from 79 reviews.

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Review Date: 21/05/2020
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The companies we work with pay us if you purchase a home lift. Our promise is to provide you with independent, unbiased buying information that will enable you to choose the right provider.

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Did you know…

How long does it take to fit?
A standard fitting can be completed in a little as 2 days, for more complex fittings up to 5 days.

Do I need planning permission?
No, standard building notice application will be required, but this should be looked after by the company you select to install the lift. Ask before committing.

How much space do I need?
Very little, there are compact lifts on the market which require approximately as little as 75cm x 100cm. There are various sizes available to suit the majority of homes.

Where can it be installed?
Due to the compact size of modern lifts they can be fitted almost anywhere. The most common locations are either the hall way or lounge, rising to the landing or main bedroom.

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