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How do you go about providing a quote for a homelift?

All properties and customer needs are unique so we always request a consultation visit in order to be able to provide the most accurate possible price for a homelift. Consultants are trained to work with the customer to understand their unique set of circumstances, they can also assess the property as all costs include standard building and installation works. In most instances, they will provide a firm quotation during the visit. If the property is old or listed, or the Consultant identifies it as a complex installation they will provide estimated costs which are confirmed once a Technical Surveyor has attended.

How much room does a lift normally take up?

There are some very compact homelifts on the market. The smallest one we currently have available has a footprint of just over half a metre square. To put this into perspective, that is the size of a small armchair. The lift car has a curved body which enables it to be placed within a cupboard or tucked into the corner of a room. This lift is designed to carry 2 persons – providing the combined weight doesn’t exceed the maximum allowed.

How much work is involved in fitting a lift in a house?

There is inevitably some disruption when installing a homelift because an aperture will need to be cut in the floor / ceiling of the home. All builders and installers are trained to ensure care is taken when carrying out building work, they will clean and tidy up after themselves at the end of each day. Often some additional work involving the re-siting of water pipes and re-routing of cabling is needed but this is all within the capability of the building teams. Specialist plumbers and electricians are available to assist on more complex projects. Once building work is completed the lift installation is relatively quick, typically taking no more than a day or two.

Do I need special permission to have a lift installed?

Unless your building is listed, there are usually no additional permissions needed. Building control are involved throughout the project however, and all liaison with them is carried out on your behalf.

How noisy is a lift and how much power does it use?

One of the quietest homelifts in our range produces in the region of 50dB of sound. This equates to the volume of a modern refrigerator and is quieter than a conversation spoken at normal volume. The same lift has statistically been proved to use less power than boiling a kettle. So, it’s both very quiet and very energy-efficient.

Could two of us fit in and could I fit my rollator / wheelchair in one?

The two-person lift will accommodate 2 persons but without a walking aid. It will take a single person plus walking aid if needed. The three-person lift will take 2-3 people or a full-sized wheelchair. There is a useful Thru-Car option on the larger model which makes entry and exit very straightforward as it’s possible to go in and out of the lift via doors on either side. This model is available on the free-standing lift in the range which is the only lift currently available for the domestic market with this feature.

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