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Stiltz Reviews


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Customer Reviews

Review date : 25/06/2022

Team arrived on time every day ,.Iain- Dave were great no mess hovered and left every thing clean and tidy each day.

- M

Review date : 25/05/2022

had to get deposit back

- P

Review date : 08/05/2022

It proved impossible for the lift to be installed without taking down most of a 10m x 5m ceiling and 8 days of building work (cf the 2 days the salesman suggested). We are still waiting for the £2,000 'fully refundable if installation can't proceed for technical reasons' deposit to be refunded. Not happy.

- Q

Review date : 24/04/2022

Still hasn't been fitted yet

- M

Review date : 23/04/2022

Still waiting for a written quotation

- B

Review date : 21/04/2022

Haven't had it fitted yet

- M

Review date : 17/04/2022

Stiltz accepted a contract to fit a through lift to specifics they could not offer. They went ahead with the install and fitted a lift to a different spec as we asked for. As a result the installation never got completed and Still is unwilling to solve the problems.

- V

Review date : 15/04/2022

Salesman didn't mention 3 days prep works (as well as) 2 for installation). However, our urgent need for need fully met for which am immensely grateful. All staff very pleasant to deal with and VERY tidy - and thorough. One or 2 logistic snags well dealt with. Response to one minor fault rapidly corrtected.

- B

Review date : 29/03/2022

Top quality job

- G

Review date : 20/02/2022

Not applicable as not placed an order yet

- R

Review date : 16/02/2022

Cannot recommend Stiltz high enough. The whole process from start to finish was of the highest quality. A very happy and satisfied customer!

- T

Review date : 14/02/2022

Slight rumble/vibration on ascent not noticeable on descent probably improve after a few weeks of use

- T

Review date : 02/02/2022

I look forward to having the lift installed from 18 th February or sooner if possible. Elizabeth Spencer.

- S

Review date : 25/01/2022

I have only got to far as receiving the brochures and have had no conversations with anyone. Two short Emails is all I have had. Maybe ask me once I have something to feed back?

- Mr F

Review date : 27/11/2021

Duo Classic - expensive. Light goes out too soon when lift stops.

- Mr C

Review date : 08/11/2021

I can’t answer any questions as it is still waiting to be fitted

- R

Review date : 31/10/2021

Would say it was expensive but service was excellent you get what you pay for.

- Mrs C

Review date : 21/10/2021

Hard sell Had sell Hard sell! We didn't order from them.

- C

Review date : 29/09/2021

Awful service, lack of communication,, poor design hanging cables, Avoid this company

- J

Review date : 28/09/2021

Miss sold, needed level access, told it would be , has 120mm step totally useless

- J

Review date : 16/09/2021

Lift not been fitted yet. Only have had 2 surveys from them and 1 asbestos survey. Your survey is to early

- H

Review date : 04/08/2021

Quote me for a home lift please

- H

Review date : 31/07/2021

You never contacted me to quote for the job!!!!

- D

Review date : 25/07/2021

We were able to get a refurbished lift and are absolutely delighted with it and the great savings we made .

- H

Review date : 17/07/2021

Unfortunately, I was not able to have one installed. I was nit asked any questiobs and on arrival the Surveyor was very disinterested with the whole situation. Very , very poor organisation from your Company. X

- Mrs R

Review date : 22/06/2021

Very beneficial and easy to operate

- C

Review date : 14/06/2021

Survey showed it would not be possible as there wasn’t enough height in loft room. Staff were very helpful though in trying every option. Would consider stair lift in the future as condition deteriorates

- C

Review date : 14/06/2021

Decided not to go ahead for the time being

- Mr S

Review date : 27/04/2021

For reasons not connected to your service we are not installing a lift your service in providing the quotation was excellent

- Mr C

Review date : 28/02/2021

Waiting for install now 12 weeks already been 4 weeks

- D

Review date : 06/02/2021

A very polite and professional team, careful with masks, cleaned up well afterwards. I would thoroughl6 recommend Stiltz

- P

Review date : 26/11/2020

Excellent work.Very professional. Went out of their way to clean up and ensure that l was happy with the service

- D

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